Sample of some articles on Mumbai Mobile Creches and our work:

  1. A creche for children of migrant workers: Gulf News takes a note of MMC's work- 15th May,2018.
  2. MMC's work featured in The Guardian- 13th April, 2018: THEGUARDIAN13APRIL2018
  3. MMC’s Health Exhibition was featured in write ups in Mid-Day- 5th, 7th November, 2017: Mid-Day 5 Nov. 2017 & Mid-Day 7 Nov. 2017
  4. Write up on MMC’s Health Exhibition was published in Asian Age- 1st November, 2017: Asian Age 1 Nov. 2017
  5. MMC’s Health Exhibition was covered by Deccan Chronicle- 1st November, 2017: Deccan chronicle 1 Nov. 2017
  6. MMC’s Health Exhibition was covered in Afternoon- 1st November, 2017: Afternoon Newspaper
  7. MMC's first fully illustrated children's storybook "Home Away From Home!" featured in - view the article here.
  8. Crafting a home in pictures - "Home Away From Home!" featured in Asian Age on Saturday, 2nd June, 2017.
  9. Symphony Orchestra performed at MMC's daycare centre, featured in this article in Mid-Day, 18th May, 2017.
  10. "Symphony Orchestra of India to perform for Mumbai’s patients, senior citizens, offices ." Hindustan Times, 19th May 2017
  11. MMC was featured in a write up on the Hallabol website in May 2014.
  12. MMC's work was reported in the of Culturama Magazine.
  13. "Price Charles and Camilla visit Mumbai Mobile Creches" , The Telegraph, 9th November 2013.
  14. ’ MMC featured in Hindustan Times on 3rd September 2013.
  15. MMC’s teacher training programmes were  in the Sunday edition of the Indian Express, 4th November, 2012.
  16. CEO Vrishali Pispati is featured in  in Mail Today about choosing NGO work over the corporate world, 24th October, 2012
  17.  in Indian Express for providing education and health care to children on construction sites, 11th September, 2012.
  18. "" , Pratham Books, 7th December 2010
  19. " ", Hindustan Times, 17th November 2010.
  20. "For these children, the future is bright ", DNA Newspaper, 3rd August 2009.
  21. "Constructing a childhood from the ground up", NEED Magazine, 17th February 2009.
  22. "Making teachers out of illiterate mums." DNA Newspaper, 19th November 2008.
  23. "Mumbai Mobile Creches." Mint Newspaper, 25thOctober 2008.
  24. "Compassion for children of construction workers to be part of CIDCO policy." Times of India, 26thSeptember 2008.
  25. "Mobile Creches: a safe haven for children of construction workers." Mint Newspaper, 8th June 2008.
  26. "Green puppet show gets labourers' kids global award." Hindustan times, 19th May 2008.
  27. "Construction sites now have childcare centres." DNA Newspaper, 5th May 2008.
  28. "Construction companies to give civic facilities to labour." DNA Newspaper, 6th October 2008.

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