The goals of the education programme vary based on the age of the children, but they all share the core aim of providing children with the tools to become effective citizens.

Creche: For the creche babies, aged 0-3 years, the primary goal is to create a stimulating environment that nurtures motor, cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth.

Pre-School (Balwadi): Children aged 3-5 years are part of the pre-school (balwadi) programme, which focuses on promoting overall growth and development of children and school readiness.

After school support: In the after school support classroom, for children aged 6-14 years, teachers focus on the enrolment and retention of children in municipal schools.

Methods: Over 60% of our children remain with us only for 3 months, hence MMC follows the ‘Prakalp’ or monthly project method to instruct children, wherein every month a particular theme is discussed with various concepts under it and are taught to the children through the activities.Teachers at MMC centres employ a variety of educational aids, art and craft materials, songs and puppetry to engage and develop the young minds.

Outings: Children also engage in educational outings around the city all through the year to supplement their classroom experience, while giving them an opportunity to see the world outside the walls of the construction site.

Child to Child: MMC engages students in innovative programmes to build their leadership and confidence. The Child to Child Programme is one such example, where children from MMC centres visit neighbouring schools in Mumbai, form friendships and share their skills with the school children and vice versa.