Step 1 MMC staff identifies new construction sites by making enquiries with existing builders about new upcoming projects, executives of construction companies with whom MMC has worked in the past, and government officials at the local municipal ward offices. MMC also learns of new construction sites through newspaper advertisements and articles, or by receiving references from friends, donors, and staff.

Step 2 Having identified construction sites which might have children living on them who need care, MMC Programme Officers (POs) undertake field surveys to determine whether there are at least 25 children living on a particular site, the minimum number that MMC has determined makes a centre cost-effective.

Step 3 MMC staff members then meet the construction company authorities, in order to gauge their willingness to support the establishment of a crèche on their site.

Step 4 Finally, if a builder expresses interest in permitting MMC to setup a day care for children living on his construction site, the guidelines for space and location are laid out, along with an estimated timeline, which is negotiated between the builder and MMC.

Step 5 While setting up the centre at a particular location, the approximate duration of the construction project is communicated to MMC by the builder. MMC approaches the builder 6 months prior to the end of the initial project timeline to review if there have been any alterations in the timeline. MMC is in constant communication with the builders during the construction of the centre, and if there are any delays or problems that come up, we extend our own timeframe for the operation of the concerned centre.

Step 6 As construction work nears completion, the numbers of children on the site reduce as the families move out.

Step 7 MMC closes its centre simultaneously and starts to explore new initiatives on other sites.

MMC is "mobile" in that everything inside of our centres can be easily packed up and transferred from a centre that closes to a new centre. Just like the construction workers' community, we move from one construction site to another.