We work to improve the children's nutritional health with a carefully designed daily diet. Children of different ages receive different types and quantities of foods based on their specific physical needs. Each child also takes multivitamins and calcium supplements, as they are often deficient in these essential nutrients.
For children of ages 3-6 years, we have tied up with the Government's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) at most of our centres, ​to provide meals and snacks for this age group.

  • ​At the start of the day

    Each morning our children enjoy a glass of fresh milk.

  • Mid Morning Snacks

    Fruits are provided during mid​-morning for all our children.

  • Lunch

    ​​We serve lunch from an ISO certified food vendor. The menu includes rice, lentils and vegetables. Nutritious dry snacks are served where cooked food cannot be supplied.

  • Afternoon Snacks

    It's late afternoon and our children await a ​snack ​of Rajgira ​c​hikki ​and laddoos ​​(nutrition bar made of Amaranth grains and jaggery)​.