We work to improve the children's nutritional health with a carefully designed daily diet. Children of different ages receive different types and quantities of foods based on their specific physical needs. We provide breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch and an afternoon snack to all of our children. Each child also takes multivitamins and calcium supplements, as they are often deficient in these essential nutrients.

  • Breakfast

    Each morning our children enjoy a glass of fresh milk.

  • Mid Morning Snacks

    Fruits and dates are provided during mid morning for all our children.

  • Lunch

    A tasty lunch is prepared at the centres. The menu includes essential ingredients like rice, lentils, bulgar wheat, vegetables, sprouts, soya chunks, etc. rich with nutrients, proteins and vitamins.

  • Afternoon Snacks

    It's late afternoon and our children await another glass of fresh milk.